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Having their own personal outdoor hot tub is just the latest "must have" garden accessory for homeowners these days with spendable income burning a hole in their pockets.

A hot tub is a wonderful purchase for your home, as after all, what could possibly be better than coming home at the end of a hard day and climbing into a relaxing tub of steaming hot water. A hot tub is especially great because you can put it outdoors, and so even in the bitter cold of wintertime you can stay warm and relaxed even out on the deck.

Buying a Hot Tub

Before you rush out and buy just any hot tub however, there are a few things that you are going to want to think about. For one you are going to have to decide where you are actually going to put it, making sure to take factors such as privacy, accessibility and aesthetics into consideration.

You are also going to determine the size of tub to get, and you should decide this based on the average number of people that you are expecting to have in the tub.

If you are only planning to use it yourself or with a partner then you should stick to a smaller tub, whereas if you are planning on having neighbors, family or friends regularly visiting it then you will want to get a larger size. The basic rule of thumb is to multiply 75 gallons of water by the number of people for the total water capacity.

As well when choosing a hot tub you are going to have to consider your budget, and a two-person tub will typically cost you around $4,000 with six-person tubs generally starting at around $8,000.

You also need to consider the material that you want used.  Although most hot tubs are made of acrylic, you do have a variety of other options as well. Hot tubs that are made out of wood, particularly redwood, are very attractive looking but keep in mind that they are going to require more cleaning and upkeep, and as well they generally do not offer contoured seating, which acrylic does.

Trying before you buy is critical here, and any good company will not have a problem with letting you do this. Make sure to pay attention to certain qualities, such as the jets' noise level and the seating arrangement. You want to be completely comfortable in the tub, and be able to move around easily.

There is a wide variety of different features and amenities to choose from, and you want to look for those that add pleasure to your hot tub experience and covers that lock are great if you have children. Thermostats work to keep the temperature of the water in the tub under control, and safety switches are also available.

You Know How To Wire A Hot Tub - But Should You?
Learning how to wire a hot tub while not particularly difficult, can be very dangerous and life threatening if done incorrectly. You could electrocute yourself or seriously injure someone in your family.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Parts
Finding and comparing prices for genuine Jacuzzi hot tub parts is not difficult for those on the Internet. Many places will also give you immediate on-line price quotes.

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